Shub 4 CSG – Issues
Here’s what I’m running for:
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Ban the Bottle
The transportation, production and plastic involved in selling plastic water bottles are harming our natural water sources and the Earth. Over the next three years, I will ban the sale of plastic water bottles on the University of Michigan campus.
As a four-year-old living in Bangladesh, I didn’t understand why my mom boiled our water twice before putting it in the pitcher. Fourteen years later, I better understand the hardships of living in a country where access to clean water is limited and pollution is excessive. It is one of my dreams to help end the effects of climate change which brings me to my first policy: Ban the Bottle.
  • Introduce a three year plan to gradually remove water bottles from most campus stores:
    • Year 1:
      • Introduce the “Blue Tax” which will apply to all plastic water bottles sold on campus. Proceeds from this tax will go directly to sustainability efforts
      • Replace “Smartwater” products with a more sustainable plastic water bottle alternative
    • Year 2:
      • Build water refill stations in residential halls, campus offices, and the Diag
      • Provide all first-year students reusable water bottles on their desk at move-in
    • Year 3:
      • Ban the sale of all plastic water bottles on campus (besides recreational buildings and sports venues)
  • Increase campus awareness of energy consumption and waste production.
    • Have dorms and offices ‘compete’ against each other to reduce waste
Change the Cycle
Free and accessible period products are a human right. Period products should be available to all University of Michigan students free of charge.
  • Menstruation is not unhygenic and not everyone who has periods are feminine, so I intentionally refer to them as period products rather than feminine hygiene products
  • Add period product dispensers to all bathrooms on University of Michigan campus
    • Starting with academic buildings and offices, build dispensers in all women and gender inclusive bathrooms
      • Adding period products to academic buildings first ensures students will not have to miss class
    • Then, work with Michigan Housing to provide period products in all residential bathrooms
  • CSG can pilot this program directly from its budget, in the long term funding for period products should come directly from the University.
    • I will work with campus partners to budget period products in for the coming school years.
Central Student Government is comprised of a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. CSG manages a budget of $400,000 most of which goes to fund student organizations. I’d like to increase student awareness of CSG and its abundant resources. I’d also like to host more community student culture like open-mic nights and lunches with administration.
  • Promote student culture by hosting social events like open-mic nights, lunches with administrations, performances on Diag, and coffee with CSG.
    • Currently, CSG does not have specific events to promote campus culture
    • Create a platform to showcase student’s talents and art
  • Increase CSG presence at first-year orientation so incoming students have a better understanding of CSG and CSG’s resources
  • Increase communication with other student governments
    • There is currently little interaction between CSG, Engineering Student Government, and Rackham Student Government
  • Commission a redesign of the CSG website to make it more intuitive and accessible
    • Redesign CSG bi-weekly email to make it more approachable